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Pahalgam is not only known for its natural beauty but so many things to do Pahalgam also. There are number of challenging activities in Pahalgam like white water rafting, snow skiing, trekking, Golf, fishing, horse riding etc. some of the Things to do Pahalgam are as follow:

Trekking in Pahalgam :

Trekking in PahalgamTrekking in Pahalgam is most popular trek starting from Kashamir's Valley and most popular Pahalgam Things to do. Pahalgam offers a wonderful trek and mountain climbing routes. Each trek teaches person how to be thankful to the splendor of nature, how to familiar with the situation and to make plan according to situation. A well-planned trek will allow one to enjoy the adventurous and unforgettable Trekking in Pahalgam trip and avoid any hassle.

The most popular Trekking in Pahalgam is to the Kolahoi Glacier via Aru, Satlanjan and Dudsar Lake. Some from the trek path from Pahalgam to Chandanwari and trek from Pahalgam to Sheshnag Lake trek from Sonamarg to Pahalgam, Amarnath yatra, Kolahoi Glacier, Mamleshwar, Aru Chandanwari, Shikargah, Phirisalan and Lake Tarsar are all actually significant experience. Trekking in Pahalgam among the snow capped mountains of Pahalgam is an enjoyable experience for sure. Some of the equipments that feels necessary to carry during mountains Trekking in Pahalgam such as Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Mats, Trekking shoes, Socks, down jacket or equivalent with hood, one heavy wool shirt or sweater, one pair cotton trousers or shorts, one pair woolen trousers, long underwear - thermal or wool, wind- and rain-gear with hood, woolen hat or balaclava, woolen mittens or gloves, pocket knife, swimsuit.

Pahalgam Golf Course :

Pahalgam Golf CoursePahalgam is well-known tourist destination and has been associated for golf players who can enjoy their holidays. Pahalgam offes the wind with soft voice through huge trees of Chinar and majestic pine that make perfect and refreshing surrounding to play Pahalgam Golf Course. Pahalgam has a 9 hole golf course located at the height of 2400 m above the sea level at the top of Pahalgam Valley.

The Pahalgam Golf Course is very well prepared with all the needed amenities for interesting golf plays other golf club in India. All the equipments those are required for playing Pahalgam Golf Course are available on rental basis. Tourist can reach at golf place either by hiring a taxi and can also walk up as distance is not more from the town. There are also shops, restaurants as well as parking facilities available near golf area. Some of the materials are required during golf like golf ball, golf markers, Golf clubs that is arranged in to three basic types as Woods, Irons, Hybrids other than this materials tees, golf bag, Golf cart, towels, Ball mark repair tools, etc. are also used but it is optional. This Region is ideal for playing Pahalgam Golf Course.

Snow Skiing in Pahalgam :Snow Skiing in PahalgamSnow Skiing in Pahalgam is a fun activity and competitive sport that has increase a huge popularity all over the world also in India. The participants join long runners or skis to boots or shoes on the feet and uses them to trek on top of snow. It is mostly used for military reason and travelling at that area where experience heavy snowfall. Snow Skiing in Pahalgam is also well-known as downhill skiing in Pahalgam that is mainly available for kid's skiing. One thing kept in mind while choosing the clothes for skiing Activities in Pahalgam is that the clothes are flexible. Skiing is divided into several types such as Alpine ski, Twin-tip ski, Alpine Touring Ski, Monoski, Telemark Ski, Cross-country Ski, Backcountry Ski, Mogul Ski and Ski Leaping Ski. It is necessary to make careful planning and preparation to enjoy skiing experience. Professional are available for guiding reason.

The Pahalgam Development Authority is organizing one day Snow Skiing in Pahalgam and sledging festival at Aru or Baisaran. A person love to play with snow and they enjoys Snow Skiing in Pahalgam and sledging in Pahalgam.

White Water Rafting Pahalgam :

White water Rafting PahalgamWhite water Rafting Pahalgam is very popular activities in Pahalgam as well as all over the world and it is supervised by their particular Government. White Water Rafting Pahalgam can be a part of adventure activity. White Water Rafting Pahalgam is a dangerous activity but also very interesting and enjoyable activity and professionally trained guides will take care. A Lidder River Rafting Pahalgam is famous spot to do white water rafting which is 2 km stretch on the Aru branch flow from Pahalgam. It is located at near Langland Bridge, 3 Km from Pahalgam and 88 km from Srinagar. It is an excellent river camping site. This activity is typically done on white water or different degrees of rough water and start in the month of June. Three to Four operators are readily available in Pahalgam that give rafting knowledge and practice and also provide life-jackets, wetsuits, paddles, and expert handler. Young Children or heart patients are advice to stay away from water-rafting activity. There are number of grade to do White Water Rafting Pahalgam.

Grade 1: Very small rough areas, no-rapids and it might require basic direction and planning. (Skill level: very basic)
Grade 2: Some rough water, no-rapids maybe some move up and down, might require a few directions and planning. (Skill level: basic paddling skill)
Grade 3: fast-moving water, small waves, maybe a small go down, but no considerable risk and may require important direction and planning. (Skill level: experienced paddling skills)
Grade 4: fast-moving water, medium waves, maybe swing, maybe a considerable fall, quick exercises may be needed. (Skill level: whitewater experience)
Grade 5: fast-moving water, large waves, large dimensions, possibility of large swing and risk, possibility of a large fall, requires specific direction and planning. (Skill level: advanced whitewater experience). River rafting pahalgam is also known as White Water Rafting in Pahalgam. This is the evergreen experience so enjoy the full pleasure of this Pahalgam things to do as river rafting in Pahalgam.

Fishing in Pahalagm :

Fishing in PahalgamFishing in Pahalagm is actually the activity to catch fish from River or Lake. It is refers to the material or equipment used to catch fish by fishermen. The practice of catching the fish with hook is generally known as angling. There are many Fishing Technique are available to catch the fish. Some of the Fishing techniques include hand gathering, spear fishing, netting, angling and trapping. Recreational, commercial and artisanal fishers sometime used same technique also or different technique also. Equipments used for Fishing in Pahalagm are hooks, lines, sinkers, floats, rods, reels, baits, lures, spears, nets, gaffs, traps, waders and tackle boxes.

Lidder River and Sheshnag River is not only famous for its beautiful tourist attractions but it is very accepted and mainly prominent for number of things to do. Pahalgam is further admired trout fishing beats. Lidder River is one of the most beautiful and great place in the world for angling and fishing activities especially for brown trout. At Pahalgam, the brown trout predominate however the size of the fish is small. Month of April to September is best time for Fishing. Fishing equipments can be taken on rent in Srinagar. Live bait and rotating are not allowed only artificial fly-fishing is allowed. A fishing permit has to take from the branch of Fisheries and is valid for an only one day. You can also hire local fishing experts. Some good strikes in the Pahalgam area are Nafran, Aru, Sheshnag, Fryslan and Langanbal.

Pahalgam Horse Riding :

Pahalgam Horse RidingPahalgam Horse Riding is one of the most suggested activities for tourist. One can hire a ponies or horses to get pleasure from the horse riding during sightseeing.

Pahalgam offers pony trek or horse rides for people of all the age and ability. Pahalgam Horse Riding is main attraction with beautiful sight. You cannot enjoy your journey without doing pony ride. Pony ride in Pahalgam is something like you will enjoy thoroughly although travel around this magical and thrilling land. It is the way of Travelling and Transportation. Tourist can directly hire the pony or through the Tourist office as it is easily available on rent. Pahalgam Horse Riding is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Pahalgam.