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Today, Pahalgam is ideal location for tourism in India. It has an average height of 2740 meters. Pahalgam offers the beauty of snow clothed and perfect pine covered mountains and cold, crispy, fresh puff of air, breathtaking views; Snow skiing is an attraction during winter season. The main question on the mind of visitors is What to see in Pahalgam. There are lots of places in Pahalgam or sightseeing in Pahalgam that you must visit in Pahalgam, which has plenty of activities and things to do. Some of the must-visit Sightseeing in Pahalgam are:

Places in Pahalgam

Amarnath Cave Temple :

Amarnath Cave PahalgamThe famous Sightseeing in Pahalgam is Amarnath cave Temple. Amarnath Cave Temple is the most significant Hindu Pahalgam Temple in Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, and it is dedicated to Lord Shiva (residence of Lord Shiva). Pahalgam is a starting point for DARSHAN to Amarnath cave. The Amarnath Cave Temple is placed at height above sea level of 3,888 (12,756 ft). Inside the Amarnath Cave Temple, follower can see an ice stalagmite similar to the Shiva Lingam. Along with the lingam of Lord Shiva, followers can see ice lingams of Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha. The Amarnath Cave Temple is all ready to celebrate the summer festival during the month of May to August. According to a Hindu myth, this is the cave where Shiva gives an explanation of the secret of life.

Baisaran Pahalgam (5 km: 2,438m) :

Baisaran PahalgamAnother famous sightseeing in Pahalgam is Baisaran. 5 km away from Pahalgam on the edge at 8000 feet above sea level, Baisaran is one of the most attractive Places in Pahalgam to visit and it consists of huge grassland, green pasture bordered by pine forest that describes interesting scenery of nature. Pine forest look very good. Baisaran Pahalgam is also known as mini-Swizerland. Filmgoers would recognize some Bollywood films that were shot in Baisaran. It is the wonderful, great and ideal destination for the picnic, relax under blue sky. It is the novel experience to take a pony ride to reach Baisaran from the Pahalgam main market near bus stand. There are also some shops from where you can buy snacks and water. Tulian Lake Pahalgam fully covered with snow at a height of 3353 m is 11 km from Baisaran Pahalgam.

Chandanwari Pahalgam (16 km) :

Chandanwari PahalgamChandanwari Pahalgam is situated at 16 km from Pahalgam and is the connected with Amarnath Yatra. Chandanwari road is the inner core of the city Pahalgam. Pahalgam is a base site for annual Amarnath Yatra, which starts from June to August (month of Sawan) every year. Chandanwari Pahalgam is famous for its snow sledging on a snow bridge. Tourist can hire taxi or go by car to reach Chandanwari Pahalgam. A visit to Chandanwari road will give you great on the way experience into Pahalgam. Visitor can even see many other things like restaurants, shop and other exciting firm in and around the Chandanwari road. The Sheshnag River is attractive with pure and clear water and sharp force at Chandanwari. People used to do "Snow fights" here. People used to do "Snow fights" here. Many Visitors select to sip a cup of tea of snack at the nearby dhabas. Visitors also get an opportunity to do sledge riding at Chandanwari Pahalgam.

Pahalgam Betaab Valley :

Betaab Valley PahalgamPahalgam Betaab Valley is positioned at 8 km from Pahalgam on the way to Chandanwari. Pahalgam Betaab Valley previously identified as Hajan Valley but after the Sunny Deol-Amrita Singh hit debut Bollywood movie Betaab in 1983 the Valley has renamed as Pahalgam Betaab Valley as most of the scenes from the movie was shot extensively in this area. The valley is enclosed by snow-tripped mountain's peaks and thick pine and deodar forests. This Valley is entrance of River Sheshnag, which begins from sheshnag Lake. Pahalgam Betaab Valley has beautiful garden and bridge to cross the River. The sound of the speeding upriver with chatty cool breeze laden with moisture on these vast open grasslands, and wooden arc bridges across River Sheshnag makes your stay here truly pleasant and unforgettable. Pahalgam Betaab Valley is perfect spot for a picnic. Fishing permission is necessary to go fishing in Betaab Valley. Pahalgam Betaab Valley is a very attractive place in Pahalgam.

Pahalgam Aru Valley (11 km: 2408m) :

Aru Valley PahalgamA small Pahalgam Aru Valley is a pristine tourist spot as yet untouched and just beautiful. Pahalgam Aru Valley is located between the grasslands 12 km upstream from Lidder River with a motorable road (13 km from Pahalgam) or by walking on the mountain path. The Pahalgam Aru Valley is renowned for the tourist for its beautiful pasture, peaceful environment, lakes and mountains; it is konwn to be a good camping place for trekking to the most popular destination from Aru are Kolahoi glacier Pahalgam (36 km) at a height of 3,400 m. A tourist prefers travel around nearby Valley on foot to enjoy the thrilling experience of its outstanding natural beauty instead of taking the pony ride. In the winter's season, Pahalgam Aru Valley receives heavy snowfall, at that time take an experience of skiing and heliskiing (Downhill skiing). The Pahalgam Aru Valley is a very attractive and famous Pahalgam Tourism place.

Martand sun temple :

Martand Sun Temple PahalgamMartand sun temple is situated at just 3 km from Mattan and 7 km from Anantnag at the top of the plateau. Martand sun temple is a right place at the time of Pandavas and devoted to Surya (sun) god.The gorgeous and brilliant work of Martand sun temple built by King Lalitaditya Muktapida (699 - 739 AD). The organization of the Martand sun temple supposed to be laid in 370-500 AD while some attributed structure of the temple by King Ranaditya Muktapida. This Martand sun temple gives a bird-'s-eye vision of the beautiful town of Mattan, when standing at the top level with the plateau. Plateau is connected with hill of a mountain.

Lidder River Pahalgam :

Lidder River PahalgamThe Lidder River Pahalgam is starting from Kohaloi Glacier Pahalgam and is the 73 km Long River in Kashmir. It runs through the tourist destination of Pahalgam covers about 30 km and runs southwards through beautiful "Lidderwat Pahalgam" Valley from which the river derived its name. The Lidder River Pahalgam can be reached only via trekking. Tourists can enjoy angling, trekking in Pahalgam, White water rafting Pahalgam, and love to do horse riding, golf, snow skiing, trout fishing here. The best time to visit Lidder River Pahalgam is between mid-April to mid November when weather is conductive for outdoor, open-air activities. There are so many different types of fishes there in the River. White-water rafting festival is also organized in the month of May in Pahalgam by Jammu and Kashmir tourism. Around Lidder River Pahalgam, there are many picnic spot. Visitor also gets chance to see the saffron plants in full bloom in the month of November. Lidder River in Pahalgam is a fanatic and best place for journey.

Pahalgam Golf Course :

Pahalgam Golf CoursePahalgam has a nine hole golf course at 2400 meters height. The Pahalgam Golf Course is an area of comparatively big simple region in a comparatively thin valley. The local would refer to this Pahalgam Golf Course just as the 'plateau'. There is a golf club on one side of the plateau. Light refreshments, as well gear and golf caddies could be rented out from there. The plane hill slowly goes up to corn fields, lastly into a hill.

Parts of the plateau have been engaged by the military in the days of rebellion, parting it out of leap of usual tourists. The plateau actually increases now earlier than the flowing together of the two rivers from Aru and Sheshnag. As a result, a short trek down on the two sides goes down into the roads, additional on rapidly into the rivers. On one side the Deer Park, Mine-golf could also be engage in recreation at the Pahalgam Club on hourly basis. The gear could be borrowed from the club on rently basis.

Tulian Lake Pahalgam :

Tulian Lake PahalgamTulian Lake Pahalgam is famous tourist destination placed at the 11 km (6.8 m) from Baisaran and 16 km (9.9 m) from Pahalgam at a height of 3353 m (11,001 ft) above the sea level. Tulian Lake Pahalgam is also known as Tarsar Lake. Due to its scope, the prominent feature of Lake is among most part during the year covered with snow surrounded from three sides by peak that rises 300 m (980 ft) above it. Visitor can be hired a pony to reach the Tulian Lake from near the center of the town. The Tulian Lake Pahalgam looks like "Photoshopped" come across brilliant, a little rippley and very beautiful. Tulian Lake Pahalgam looks like one big mirror that shows the mirror image of clear blue sky. In fact, it is purely a clear blue colored lake located between brown colored mountains.

Sheshnag Lake Pahalgam :

Sheshnag Lake PahalgamSheshnag Lake Pahalgam is positioned at 120 km from east from Srinagar and 27 km at the height of 3,658 m above ground level from Pahalgam in Kashmir Valley on the Amarnath Yatra route. It is believed by Hindu that Sheshnag Lake Pahalgam is placed at the same place where Lord Shiva left his snake going along the way to Amarnath Cave Temple. According to the Hindu's myths, king of snacks, Sheshnag resides in Sheshnag Lake Pahalgam even at the present, for that reason Lake derive its name. Another reason the Lake gets its name Sheshnag Lake Pahalgam is that it is enclosed by seven mountains. Each of these seven mountains looks like the heads of a serpent snake. It is only visited for few months during a year, especially between June to September. In winter, season, the water of this Sheshnag Lake Pahalgam remains covered with snow during the month of June surrounded by green lush grazing land fully snow-covered mountains and is not accessible due to heavy snowfall. The water of Lake is pure and fresh but normally remains cold enough so that it is impossible to bath in Lake's water. It is an ideal site for tourist camping. It is very difficult task to reach Sheshnag Lake Pahalgam, as there are no roads to reach there. It only depends on ponies or trek to the Lake top but ponies are available only during summer season after which walking is the only option. The nearest town is Chandanwari, which is situated at 55 km from Pahalgam and 11 km from the lake. Sheshnag Lake Pahalgam is a house to several types of fishes out of which are the brown trout normally considered to be native to Europe.

Hajan Pahalgam :

Hajan PahalgamHajan Pahalgam is a popular tourist place for a picnic situated at 7 km (912.69 m) from Pahalgam and height of 1556 m above the sea level in the district of the Baramulla of Jammu and Kashmir on the pathway to Chandanwari and is a notified area where several Bollywood movie scenes have been shot. Individual can hire a pony or just by walk down at the Valley from Chandanwari to reach Hajan.Tourist gets a chance to enjoy the panoramic vision from the place. It is placed against the west side. Hajan Pahalgam is nice Pahalgam Tourism spot.

Lidderwat Pahalgam (22 km:3,408m) :Lidder Wart PahalgamThe north-eastern corner of Kashmir valley formed by Lidderwat Pahalgam. The route to Lidderwat is via Aru Valley at a distance of 22 km from Pahalgam and at the height of 3,408 m. Lidderwat Pahalgam is a beautiful camping place and is also fallen across the path of Sindh Valley. Tourists who wish to visit the Lidderwat Pahalgam can easily travel via hire a taxi, or can take a pony ride from Pahalgam. Between March and October is the best time for trekking across this path. Due to Lidderwat's thick and solid pine forest and lush green grassland, the natural beauty of place is magnificent.

Mamleshwar Temple Pahalgam :Mamleshwar Temple PahalgamMamleshwar Temple Pahalgam devoted to Lord Shiva that was built by King Jayasimha in 12th century, even earlier. It is placed near Pahalgam just 1 km (walking distance) far away from Pahalgam and on the opposite to Lidder River. Mamleshwar Temple Pahalgam is small Temple with rectangular area and built with stone. It is also one of the oldest temples in Pahalgam valley dating back to 15th centuary. The temple covers a base and Shiva Lingam, with a clean and pure water spring sheltered by a sink. Mamleshwar as "Mam mal" means "Don't go". There is a story behind Mamleshwar Temple Pahalgam and how this temple gets this name.

Mattan Pahalgam Temple :

Mattan Temple PahalgamMattan Pahalgam Temple is renowned for Hindu Religious temples in the state of Jammu and Kashmir at distance 32 km from Pahalgam. The name from the village is derived from the name from the preside deity of the temple on the level, which is also known as "Mattan" or "Martand". Village Mattan is placed on the Anantnag-Pahalgam Road. It is gone into two springs, which is treated as blessed Fish by Hindus hence not eaten and another spring it is built by Mogul royal leader. Shai Hamdhan Park is opposite to Mattan springs with huge chinar trees (sort of Maple trees). Beautiful Shiva Lingam presented with striking brick like structure and surrounded by a pure and clear water pond in the Mattan Pahalgam Temple. This temple is restricted by paramilitary forces and therefore, special permission mandatory to go inside the temple.

Panchgani (40 km) :Panchgani PahalgamIt's named Panchgani so,as it is located where five rivers meeting to here begin from Lord Shiva's hair. It is good base camp spot. Panchatarni is a final last stoppage of Amarnath Yatra before reaching the Holy Cave, which is usually done overnight. Panchgani is to be found at 13 km from Sheshnag Lake and about 40 km from Pahalgam. Lord Shiva is said to have left the 'Panchabhoota' (Earth, water air, fire and sky) over here. Due to unusual cold air or lack of Oxygen, tourist must concern a doctor before reaching Panchgani.

Kolahoi Glacier Pahalgam (1,467 m) :Kolahoi Glacier PahalgamThe Kolahoi Glacier Pahalgam is also known as "Gwash Brani" which means "Goddness of life". Kolahoi Glacier Pahalgam supplies water to western Himalaya as million of Indian and Pakistani people depend upon the water supplied by Kohaloi. Since Kolahoi Glacier Pahalgam is Kashmir's only constant source of water. Kohaloi is situated up to the Lidder Valley just below the Kohaloi Mountain at 34° 10 N, 75° 30 presently known as a hanging glacier. There are fewer boulder fields in that area so it is recommended that tourists see the beautiful glacier from the right side. Furthermore, the left side is unsafe because it is empty to the extent of 200-foot-deep (61 m) gap.Trekking is the only way to reach Kolahoi Glacier Pahalgam, which is extremely difficult and quite challenging also. However, horses and ponies can be hired to covered part to the distance. For that reason it is recommended that without expert leadership and experts do not try to do unpaid trekkers. The Kolahoi Glacier Pahalgam is a four days activity. It has enjoyable look, peaceful atmosphere and breathtaking view.

Aishmuqam Pahalgam :Aish Muqam PahalgamAishmuqam Pahalgam holy place is beautiful, famous disciple town and located at 18 km away from Pahalgam and 86 km distance from south Srinagar just hundred meters off the main road from Islamabad to Pahalgam inside a deep and narrow cave sited on a small hill in Anantnag built in 15 centuriesIt also contains several residual related to Baba in a room. One such monument is "The Rod of Staff". Aishmuqam Pahalgam is a temple of a famous saint of Kashmir Sufi Saint Baba Zaina-ud-din Wali. He was also known as "Zaino Shah Sahib". Earlier, these hills near the Aish muqam town were residence to Hazrat Zain ud din Wali. Hazrat Zain ud din wali spent his time talking about Allah. As a result, Hazrat Zain ud din wali decided to restrict him to the cave. Every year during the month of April thousand of devotees organized a one-week long the annual Urs and Zool festival at Aish muqam, in respect to Shiekh Zaina-ud-din-wali. It can be the perfect spot for Sufi festival.