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Shopping is a best way to take a part of your holiday back with you and keep the memory of it alive in the token you buy. Shopping in Pahalgam means buying all woolen garments and the beautiful handicraft like shawls, carpets, clothing with the single chain-stitch embroidery can also be purchased from the local shop. There may be few showrooms and malls in this area, but right in the centre of the small town, the Pahalgam Market is relatively a pleasure for Shopping in Pahalgam such as local handicrafts. Some best places to do Shopping in Pahalgam are:

Zamindar : There is no shop for dry fruits and saffron as famous as the 'Zamindar' in Pahalgam and may be even Kashmir. It's a small shop buth as the best, original dry fruits.

Main Pahalgam Market:

Pahalgam market is 20 to 25 minute from Pahalgam Railway Station. market of Pahalgam is well known markets within the city. This is the particular choice when searching for large shopping in Pahalgam market. The market is famous for selling product, which is made of wool. More people choice in the market such as Gabbas (floorings made out of old blankets), Namdas (small carpets or rugs), Shawls, Handmade carpets with detailed work both wool and silk, Home furnishings like mat sand wall hangings, Colorful, woolen hand work, Embroidered, silk zarijackets, Flowing Kaftans, Arange of crookedly carved walnut wood furniture and accessories Namaz prayer rugs and beautifully colored stoles, Clothing with the single chain stitch embroidery, Stone jewellery boxes, Farens.

Pahalgam Shopping :

Some of few items in Pahalgam or Kashmir are :

Shawls :Pahalgam Famous Pashmina ShawlsShawls are best means to maintain the body warm. In Pahalgam Shopping, Pashmina shawls are the best shawls in Pahalgam, Kashmir. It is made from fine Kashmiri fibre. Handwoven shawl made of optimum quality wool get from high altitude sheep in the world. By way of techniques, the Kashmir shawl can be classified in two main forms one is the loom woven or kani shawl and another one is the needle embroidered or sozni shawl. Pashimra shawls are very good-looking and helpful addition to wardrobe. It is manufactured according to the customer taste and requirements.

Carpets :Pahalgam CarpetsPahalgam Homemade Carpets are informative to watch in Pahalgam Market. Kashmiri Carpets known the world over two things one is it is Homemade and not machine made, another one is that are knotted and never crested. It is the most expensive purchase and accessible in every city. But it is value it. When one can buy Carpets, the things to keep in mind is that it is Hand natural fiber. A carpet knotting is most significant features to determining its toughness and its worth to its design. Mostly, more number of knots per square inch makes carpets value and its durability much greater.

Jacket :Pahalgam Jackets Pahalgam provides a wide range of colorful / back-white, hand embroidered in traditional Kashmiri design jackets. Kashmiri jackets with a multi-color, creeper and light-weight jackets. Short and long woolen jackets with embroidered on front, back and sleeves are also available in Pahalgam market for Pahalgam Shopping. This Kashmiri jackets has some best features like it is very soft to touch, it is comfortable and non-strinkable. That's why Kashmiri jackets have a demand in local and foreign all over the world markets.

Kaftans :Pahalgam Kaftans Flowing Kaftans are becoming popular as free flowing wear with sleeves and it is flexible piece to put in to any collection. There are different style and size of Kaftans available so that it is fit for everybody. They make an outstanding summer top and look good. Kaftans made during 14th centuries.

Walnut wood furniture :Pahalgam Walnut wood Furniture Crookedly carved walnut wood furniture and accessories need not any explanation. Kashmir manufactures and exports a wide variety of walnut wood furniture. As gorgeous as the flavor of the Kashmiri walnuts, it is one of the most wanted after products from the striking valley. Variety of Walnuts wood furniture includes Beds, Chests, Sideboards, Chairs, Sofas, Coffee Tables, Dining Tables, Screens, Chess, Boxes and a lot of extra items. All items are Hand Made right from production, statue and final finish. Statue is prepared by hand with chisels and particular wide headed hammers.

Stone jewellery boxes :Pahalgam Stone Jewellery Boxes Suggesting the beautiful attractiveness of the Kashmir valley, a very good-looking and beautiful stone and wood walnut jewellery boxes are there in Market of Pahalgam. The main feature of this stone jewellery boxes is that it is totally produced by hand means it is hand crafted with carved in rectangular shaped box. High quality of walnut wood is used to make this box. One care should be taken is that it is clean with soft cloth. It is just like perfect gift for any special occasion like birthday or marriage anniversary.

Single chain stitch :Pahalgam Single chain Stitch Work The number of hand crafted chain stitches done using single needle and single thread. There are many variations in chain stitch including Back-stitched chain stitch, braided stitching, Cable chain stitch, Knotted chain stitch, Open chain stitch, Petal chain stitch, Rosette chain stitch, Singalese chain stitch, twisted chain stitch, Wheat-ear stitch, Zig-zag chain stitch. It is made with pointed hook also known as crewel. Chain Stitch is it in silk, wool or cotton.

Bargaining should be the rule while entering the Pahalgam market. Apart from these Pahalgam Shopping, you can also add some items like Phirans(woolenapparel), embroidered tea cozies and statue made of Apple tree wood in to the Pahalgam Shopping.

ATM and Communication centeris available in Pahalgam market.