• Restaurants in Pahalgam

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Pahalgam definitely offers a broad range of restaurants, which serve Kashmiri Specialty, Punjabi, Gujarati and Chinese food. In addition to Pahalgam Restaurants, Pahalgam town has dhabas and coffee shops, and hotels have their own restaurants. Specialty of Pahalgam is local Kashmiri food with ultimate good taste. Best Pahalgam Restaurants are "House boat Restaurants." Eat dinner in these restaurants is remarkable experience.

A lot of Restaurants in Pahalgam serves Noth Indian, south Indian, Thai, Italian, Continental, etc. Some of the Best Restaurants in Pahalgam are:

Dana Pani Pahalgam :

Dana Pani restaurant Pahalgam is a vegetarian restaurant just next to Pahalgam hotel, which serves the best Punjabi and south Indian food with reasonable cost. Kulfi is lovely.

Nathu Rasoi Pahalgam :

It is a budget restaurant (dhaba) famous for North Indian food. Because of excellent quality of food, they provide Nathu Rasoi Pahalgam is a very popular restaurant in Pahalgam. Nathu Rasoi is a clean, hygienic vegetarian Pahalgam restaurant. It offers tasty vegetarian food may it be south Indian, Punjabi, Chinese, etc.

Punjabi Rasoi Pahalgam :

Punjabi Rasoi restaurant Pahalgam is next to Nathu Rasoi, which provides good quality of food.

Troutbeat Pahalgam :

Café Troutbeat Pahalgam which is located on the main road next to Hotels in Pahalgam. These restaurants provide a remarkable range of colorful Continental food with good quality. Genuine recipes made with Fresh River water from Local River Lidder, and vegetarian food is also available.

Cafe Log Inn Pahalgam :

Cafe Log Inn Pahalgam placed at on the main road next to Pahalgam Hotel. This is the small coffee shop. Cafe Log Inn serves a variety of cakes, pastries, flavored tea & eateries, Chocolates, etc. It is a great place to just chill and sip coffee with friendly staff.

Hotel paradise and restaurant :The paradise hotel is located on main market, and it has a restaurant. It also offers dining hall facility. Restaurant provides yummy Indian foods, Kashmiri Wazwan, Continental and Chinese Cuisine.

Dilkusha restaurant :The Dilkusha Hotel is located at Stands on the banks of the river Lidder in Pahalgam. It has a Dilkusha restaurant which is decorated with rich arts and crafts of Kashmir and serves Indian, Continental, Chinese, Gujarati and Kashmiri cuisine.

Abshar Hotel and Restaurant Pahalgam :Abshar Hotel and Restaurant Pahalgam is a hotel combined with small coffee shop which is located at banks of Lidder River in Pahalgam. You can enjoy the view and the soothing sound of river Lidder flowing downs the Valley of Pahalgam while in the coffee shop.

Volga Hotel and Restaurant Pahalgam:Volga Hotel and Restaurant in Pahalgam is situated on the main road at the end of the main market in Pahalgam. It supplies a vegetarian and non-vegetarian food to their guests with quite cheap rate. They provide real kashmiri food. Also the location of Volga restaurant is very impressive.

Gulistan restaurant :Gulistan is to be found at Hotel Senator Pine-n-Peak in Pahalgam. It is a garden restaurant. It is the number one restaurants for top quality of food. They provide genuine Indian cuisine etc. The catering and presentation of restaurant is very exciting.