• Pahalgam People

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People in Pahalgam

97% of the total population of the Muslim shares of the population or People of Pahalgam as the dominant force. Srinagar is the biggest state of the Muslim community all over in India. Pahalgam handicrafts and clothing is a source of earnings. Tourism has been the lifeline of Pahalgam people.

Pahalgam People ImagePahalgam mother tongue is 'cashmere' or 'koshur" but the Kashmiri Pandits and Gujjars in Pahalgam is estimated Hindi language. Pahalgam is known for their hostility and beautiful Valley and mountains. Pahalgam people received his guest with a warm welcome. People in Pahalgam led a simple life. Their main source of income depends on tourists. Each person have deep respect for their capture and culture. Valley upheaval occurs; each and every person stood firmly to say you are welcome. Such courage and intensity of Pahalgam is.