• Pahalgam Attractions

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Some of the Tourist Pahalgam Attractions are :

Chandanwari Pahalgam :

Chandanwari PahalgamChandanwari Pahalgam is situated at 16 km from Pahalgam and is the associated with Amarnath Yatra. Chandanwari road is the internal center of the city Pahalgam. Pahalgam is a base site for annual Amarnath Yatra, which starts from June to August (month of Sawan) every year. Chandanwari Pahalgam is well-known for its snow sledging on a snow bridge. Tourist can hire taxi or go by car to arrive at Chandanwari Pahalgam.

A visit to Chandanwari road will give you huge on the way experience into Pahalgam. Visitor can even see many other things like restaurants, shop and other exciting firm in and around the Chandanwari road. The Tourist Attractions Pahalgam - Sheshnag River is attractive with pure and clear water and sharp force at Chandanwari. People used to do "Snow fights" here. People used to do "Snow fights" here. Many Visitors select to sip a cup of tea of snack at the nearby dhabas. Visitors also get an opportunity to do sledge riding at Chandanwari Pahalgam.

Betaab Valley Pahalgam :

Betaab Valley PahalgamBetaab Valley Pahalgam is sited at 8 km from Pahalgam on the way to Chandanwari. Betaab Valley Pahalgam before recognized as Hajan Valley but after the Sunny Deol-Amrita Singh hit debut Bollywood movie Betaab in 1983 the Valley has renamed as Betaab Valley Pahalgam as most of the scenes from the movie was shot broadly in this region.

The valley is enclosed by snow-tripped mountain's peaks and thick pine and deodar forests. This Valley is opening of River Sheshnag, which begins from sheshnag Lake. Betaab Valley Pahalgam has good-looking garden and bridge to cross the River. The sound of the speeding upriver with chatty cool breeze laden with moisture on these vast open grasslands, and wooden arc bridges across River Sheshnag makes your stay here truly pleasant and unforgettable. Pahalgam Betaab Valley is perfect spot for a picnic. Fishing permission is necessary to go fishing in Betaab Valley. Pahalgam Betaab Valley is a very attractive place in Pahalgam.

Aru Valley Pahalgam :

Aru Valley PahalgamA small Aru Vallay Pahalgam is an immaculate sightseer spot as yet intact and just beautiful. Aru Vallay Pahalgam is situated between the grasslands 12 km upstream from Lidder River with a motor able road (13 km from Pahalgam) or by walking on the mountain path. The Aru Vallay Pahalgam is famous for the tourist for its beautiful grazing land, peaceful atmosphere, lakes and mountains; it is konwn to be a good camping site for trekking to the most accepted destination from Aru are Kolahoi glacier Pahalgam (36 km) at a height of 3,400 m.

A tourist prefers travel around nearby Valley on foot to enjoy the exciting experience of its exceptional natural beauty instead of taking the pony ride. In the winter's season, Aru Vallay Pahalgam receives heavy snowfall, at that time take an experience of skiing and heliskiing (Downhill skiing). The Aru Vallay Pahalgam is a very attractive and famous Pahalgam Tourism place.

Lidder River Pahalgam :

Lidder River Pahalgam is 73 km Long River in Kashmir. It begins from the Kolhoi Glacier two kilometers south of Sonamarg at 4653 meters of height. These Attractions in Pahalgam - Lidder River Pahalgam is the second main stream of the Jhelum River and gets together it at Gurnar Khanabal town at an altitude of 1615 meters. It is a snow fed river. It runs from side to side on Pahalgam and approximately cover 30 km pahalgam valley. The river obtains its name Lidder River because it runs southwards through Lidderwat valley and its offers a rise to Lidder Valley.

Lidder River PahalgamTo arrive at Lidder River in Pahalgam, people typically used trekking. April to November is the best time to visit Lidder River in Pahalgam because at that time climate of the pahalgam is conductive for all outdoor tricks. Tourist also gets chance to do trekking, angling, White Water Rafting Pahalgam, horse riding, golf, snow skiing, troute fishing etc. in the Lidder River. The water of Lidder River is mostly used for irrigation reason from side to side different canals; Shah Kol and drinking through water treatment plants are well-known amid them. There are many different type of fishes are there. There are a lot of picnic spot in the region of Lidder River. Pahalgam River, Lidder River is best recognized for white water rafting. Pahalgam River rafting or White water rafting is bit creepy but it gives unforgettable experience. Pahalgam also organizes one or two day's white water rafting competition. Lidder River is one of the best attractions of Pahalgam. Lidder River Pahalgam is also popular among Travelers who love to do angling. Travelers who wish to gain fishing permit from the Directorate of Fisheries (DOF) in Srinagar.

Saffron Fields Pahalgam :

The state of Jammu and Kashmir is the place where saffron is predominately sophisticated in India. In fact Pampore in Kashmir is measured one of the three famous humanizing places of saffron all over the world. Kashmiri saffron is observed as the myth of the saffron fields where it has been full-grown in the fields of Pampore near Srinagar for close to 2500 years.

Saffron Fields PahalgamA saffron fields Pahalgam is appreciated all over the world for its fine quality and a large part of the saffron produced in Pampore is sell abroad to a variety of nations. The perfect atmosphere for farming of saffron fields Pahalgam is cool dry type of weather and rich soil with excellent drainage and natural content. There are three ranking of saffron fields Pahalgam accessible in Indian market and they are identified as Saffron Lachha, saffron Mongra and saffron Zarda.

Saffron fields Pahalgam is not full-grown on any of the other productive alluvial plateaus of Kashmir, and the people of Pampore love of saying there is a certain magical, supernatural element in the soil of Pampore which assist the flowers to bloom and the stigmas to be instill with aroma.